PokerStars Blackjack: PokerStars Live Casino รีวิว

2021-9-24     แหล่งกำเนิด:

  The Pokerstars Live Casino is powered by Evolution Gaming, who is perhaps the leading provider of live dealer games, certainly across Europe.

  They certainly have the most games and studios.

  The games Pokerstars provide are streamed from three different locations:

  Riga, Latvia. This is by far the biggest studio and where the Pokerstars dedicated tables are located.The Studio in Bucharest, Romania is used to stream the “White” Blackjack tables you’ll see in the lobby.The Dragonara Casino in Malta, where the Dual Play roulette table is located.

  There are a total of 18 games presented by Live Dealers.

  Live Blackjack is played to Vegas Rules on 7 Seat Tables. 8 decks are used in the dealing shoe which is changed after 4 decks have been dealt. The shoe is manually shuffled at the table by a shuffler.

  Blackjack Side Bets of 21+3, Perfect Pairs and Bet behind can be played. The Bet Behind feature is also available for players who want to play at the table but can’t get a seat.

  Pokerstars has a really impressive range of dedicated tables, where stakes start as low as 0.50 a hand right up to 20k.

  High rollers have a choice of the Pokerstars Elite and VIP tables or the new Salon Prive Tables, where you’re able to play on your own for very high stakes.

  In addition, there are the generic Evolution tables, but to be honest you’re better off playing on the dedicated tables as that is where the promotions happen.

  You’re also able to chat with other players, which is restricted to just the dealer on the generic play tables.

  Live Roulette is played to European rules on all tables.

  As I mentioned in my summary there is no option to play French Roulette or La Partage or American Roulette.

  However, Pokerstars has its very own Roulette table and a large range of native language tables.

  In addition to Immersive Roulette, there’s also Dual Play Roulette from the Dragonara Casino in Malta, for those that like to play land-based streamed roulette.

  Lightning Roulette can pay a massive 500-1 if you’re lucky enough to be playing the number when it’s selected by the lightning bolt. This is the table to play if you like big wins!

  In truth this should be enough to suit most players, but if not Leo Vegas has probably the largest variety of roulette tables of anyone.

  They’ve got Baccarat pretty much covered, with all varieties available.

  There is Speed Baccarat for those that like a quick game, two versions of Baccarat Squeeze for those that like the slow reveal of the cards.

  No Commission Baccarat pays more out for Banker wins but penalises you if the dealer wins with a 6.

  Side bets and Baccarat Roadmaps are all options that will help you enjoy the game more.

  Lightning Baccarat brings multipliers to the table in this rather unique alternative.

  This is the oldest and most popular of the one-on-one poker games you can play with a live dealer.

  It was invented by Stephen Yeung who I met earlier this year.

  This particular version of the game has a progressive jackpot, which currently stands at £3,778,904.

  The aim of the game, as I’m sure you already know, is to create a better 5 card poker hand than the dealer from your initial two cards dealt and the 5 community cards.

  There are additional side bets, “Aces or Better” and the “Jackpot” that make play more interesting.

  This is a very popular game with UK based players and can be found in virtually every Land-Based casino in the UK.

  It’s played with one player hand and one dealer hand.

  The objective is to have a better 3 card poker hand than the dealer. It’s simple, straightforward, and fun to play.

  I actually prefer to play this in a land-based casino because you get to “squeeze” the cards to do a slow reveal, which adds to the anticipation.

  This is another player versus dealer game. This time 5 cards are dealt to each of the player and dealer positions. The best 5 card poker hand wins.

  There are two side bets available in this game. 5+1 bonus which used the dealer’s 1st card and the players 5 cards to make a winning hand and the Progressive Jackpot that is paid for the first 5 player cards.

  The progressive jackpot currently stands at?£600,380.

  This recent game from Evolution is a cracker. What I love is you get to bet after you’ve seen your first two cards.

  It’s based on Casino Hold’em, where the dealer and player both get two cards and then make up the best 5 card hand they can with 5 community cards.

  The difference is the betting rounds and the side bet options.

  I love it, but have dropped more money playing it than I’ve won!

  These games are more aligned to an entertainment show than pokerstars blackjack a live dealer game.

  It’s actually a Wheel of Fortune type game, where a presenter spins a huge wheel and you bet on which number or colour will come in.

  The difference with this game is the win multipliers that can be triggered by one of the spins. This can result in some huge wins.

  It’s a fun game that plays with low stakes, but it’s not my cup of tea.

  I know plenty of people pokerstars blackjack that love it.

  While I criticised the game for not being any good when it first came out, I’m happy to admit I was wrong!

  The Monopoly Live Version comes with an RNG Bonus Round, while Crazy Time has 4 Bonus Rounds. The win potential in these games is huge.

  This game is based on the hit TV show. My only advice is to take the banker’s offer if it’s more than you have bet.

  Lightning Dice is a newly designed dice game that has win multipliers. It’s a different type of game, but interesting to play.

  This is another dice game but based on the ancient Asian game of Sic Bo. This version has random multipliers, which can pay up to 500x!

  This is a bingo inspired game, where you can purchase bingo cards. Balls are drawn from a bingo machine and the numbers on your cards are automatically pokerstars blackjack crossed off as the balls match. Prizes are awarded for lines. The more lines on a card completed the higher the payout.


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