Blackjack Basic Strat: แบล็คแจ็คพื้นฐานกลยุทธ์

2021-9-24     แหล่งกำเนิด:

  Before you get into a online casino you should always first be aware of the house edge that a game has. Blackjack is a game that you can play blackjack basic strat well because the advantage of the bank over the player is very low.

  That minimal disadvantage you have will only manifest itself if you play the game perfectly. Playing blackjack the right way can be done by constantly making the right decisions. These decisions are based on basic blackjack strategy.

  With millions of hands running on computers, there is a way to play that will give you the best results in the long run. The house edge will only be 0,5%.

  The basic strategy is a mathematically correct way of playing that will give you the most profit or the least loss in the long run. You gain insight into when to buy, fold, double or split.

  If you use the strategy, blackjack is the best game you can find in a casino. The difficult thing about the basic strategy is that it can differ per blackjack game, because there are quite a few different variants.

  The factors that influence blackjack strategy include the number of decks used. The dealer’s draw rules and the doubling rules also have an influence. Our advice is to memorize the general strategy and adapt it to different rules.

  On the internet you can find strategy engines that help you adjust the strategy. Fill in the deviating rules and you will immediately see the changes.

  blackjack basic strategy explainedThe strategy works both online and in a real casino

  There are many players who rely on their gut feeling in certain situations. Just because you buy yourself dead a few times, doesn’t mean you didn’t make the right decision. You should also not be influenced by fellow players who think that you should or should not buy. They most likely have not studied the basic strategy and often also evoke something from their gut feeling.

  The advantage you gain from using basic strategy will only become apparent after playing thousands of hands. Deviating from the strategy should only be allowed if you can count cards. Since most casinos work with shuffling machines, card counting is almost impossible anywhere.

  It’s easiest to memorize on the basic strategy map. If this doesn’t work, you can just use it at the table. If you play online, you can also open it in a screen on your computer. You will be able to find strategy cards for each variant.

  In our example, we will use a card that can be used for blackjack variants with 4 to 8 decks, where the dealer has an up and down card and will buy on a soft 17.

  We’ll walk you through the decisions you can make.

  At the tables where you are allowed to surrender, you look at which two cards and against which card from the bank you are betting this option. You may only surrender on your first two cards. As soon as you have bought a card, the option to give up expires.

  A second important point where the basic strategy becomes important is splitting. You can see on the map when it is wise to split. If you see that splitting two of the same cards is not a good idea, you can ask whether you should double.

  If you see on the card that you have to double, then you can assume that this is a profitable move in the long blackjack basic strat run. If it is not wise to double then you can decide to buy or pass.

  Summary for buy and split

  Whatever card the bank has, with 5 to 8 points you always buy.

  If the bank has a 4,5 or 6, the chance that the bank will die is greater.

  You pass with 12 to 16 if the bank has a 4,5 or 6.

  You buy with 12 against a 2 and 3.

  You always pass if you have a hard 17 or blackjack basic strat more.

  You always buy at a soft 17 or less.

  If you have 16 and the bank has a 10, you surrender.

  If surrender is not possible, you have to buy with 16 against a 10. (except 8-8)

  Split summarized

  You always split aces.

  You always split 8-8.

  5-5 you never split.

  10-10 you never split.

  You never split two pictures.

  Double summed up

  9 you double against a 3 to 6 from the bank.

  10 you double against 2 to 9 of the bank.

  11 you double against 2 to ace for the bank.

  Keep in mind that the rules change if, for example, the dealer only starts with 1 card.


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