PokerStars Blackjack: PokerStars VR Presents: Blackjack!

2021-9-24     แหล่งกำเนิด:


  level 1 · 1y

  I suck at poker so Blackjack is my go to

  9level 1 · 1y

  I wish it was possible to play single player vs a.i.

  5level 2Op · 1yLuckyVR

  Hey munch, you can create a private room with a password to play single player vs A.I.

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  level 1 · 1y

  Hell yea! I can’t wait

  3level 1 · 1y

  Huge update, will be redownloading to Quest tonight.

  3level 1 · 1y

  Hey ya, has blurriness improved on Quest2? I loved the game, but it was too blurry on Quest 1. I’d love see the clarity of the PC version on Quest2 pokerstars blackjack as well

  5level 2 · 1y

  I agree, loved the on Rift and looked forward to Quest port as seemed perfect match, but was really pixelated and was the worst title I had in terms of resolution at Quest launch, with an over use of fixed fov rendering. Assume Quest 2 will look somewhat better but hopefully there’s been better performance since i last looked

  3level 2 · 1y

  Just the resolution alone will be higher too, so yes, less blurry. I think that’s really helpful for a game like this since you look at minute details.

  2level 1 · 1y

  Any game that adds Craps, I’m in.

  4level 1 · 10m

  Does this game use a legitimate deck system or is every hand completely random and unaffected by previous hands? For example, could 4 aces hypothetically show up on the table every round or is there a virtual deck keeping track of which cards are left before a shuffle?

  1level 2 · 9m

  I’ve tried counting cards and it doesn’t seem to work for me, the deck also appears to reshuffle at random intervals so there’s no way to know exactly how many decks are started with, I’ve pokerstars blackjack found it much more profitable to do the simple doubling betting strategy, since I’m assuming that is why you are asking.



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