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  In this day and age, where the world depends on mobile, it would be detrimental to any online casino if the live casino they hosted had its quality compromised on mobile. Some online casinos have a dedicated live casino app that works far better than the standard mobile casino?version of the site.

  The best thing about live casino apps is the fact that players will only be a few taps away from accessing all their favourite games. In order to have the same live casino experience as that on a desktop, it’s essential to have a stable internet connection to avoid experiencing lag in the stream.

  72.18% of the live casino players use an Android device. It’s a massive number and it means the biggest part of gamblers is betting on this device. Here are our recommendations to play better the live casino on Android:

  Screen size: min 5 inches;

  Browser: Google Chrome, Firefox Mobile;

  OS version: min Android 10.

  Only 26.96% of gamblers use an iPhone or iPad. Apple takes the 2nd position on the pod, followed by Samsung and KaiOS with lower percentages. Let’s see how to get a better experience when betting on iOS:

  Screen size: min 5 inches;

  Browser: Google Chrome, Safari;

  OS version: min iOS 12.

  International live casinos

  Live dealer casinos are a fantastic way to get that awesome casino experience without needing to leave the comfort of your own home, no matter where you are in the world. You can play blackjack, roulette, and plenty of other table games while you talk to a real dealer in real-time.

  UK Live Dealer Casinos

  Land-based casinos in the UK are getting more popular over time, so it’s only logical to assume that online casinos are following the same trends. For those who can’t or don’t want to visit a brick-and-mortar casino, live casinos UK offer a comparable experience for players who prefer to keep their gambling online.

  Featuring table card games like roulette wheel and baccarat, with an easy interface, these are a great opportunity to try out that real casino experience. Check out our casinos approved by the gambling commission.

  Are Live Casinos Legal in The UK?

  Live casinos in the UK are 100% legal when they hold the appropriate licence. The casino has to have a licence from the UKGC in order to operate legally in the UK and to offer paid money accounts to UK players. As long as the casino that you are playing at has a valid UKGC licence and can accept UK players, then it is fully legal.

  US Live Dealer Casinos

  US live dealer casinos offer a fantastic experience for players who want to replicate that in-casino time. Although not all casinos offer a live casino experience, many do, and it can feel like you’re really there!

  Smaller, regional casinos that are partnered with a local physical casino may not have the same live casino range as other places. However, any larger casino which can accept clients from one of the states where online gambling is legal will likely offer live casino games.

  Are Live Dealer Games Legal in The US?

  Live casino games in the US are subject to the same rules, laws, and regulations as other casino offerings in the industry. In states where games of skill are allowed, such as Nevada, it’s more likely that players will be able to access and play these games.?You should always be sure to check on state laws regarding online gambling.

  Canada Live Dealer Casinos

  Canada has a great selection of live casino games available in English and French, and make a great option for players wanting that real casino experience without needing to go out! As these games have risen in popularity it’s become much easier to enjoy a good gameplay experience, as the largest providers in the industry are extraordinarily good at what they do.

  Roulette and blackjack are the most popular casino games in Canada, you can also find other table games such as baccarat, craps and keno! Have a look around the best casinos for Canadian players to discover what you like and you’ll not be disappointed. Since all of the sites that we recommend use CAD, you don’t even have to worry about currency conversion fees.

  Are Live Dealer Games Legal in Canada?

  Players in Canada can access online casinos as long as the online casino site is based outside Canadian territory. Top online casinos in Canada have plenty of live dealer games too, which means there’s really no barrier to Canadian players enjoying their favourite live dealer games.

  Ireland Live Dealer Casinos

  There are few land-based casinos in Ireland, but thankfully live casinos are here to fill the gap! If you’re based in Ireland and have a hankering for a live casino experience, then you can get your fill by playing at any of the reputable online gambling sites that accept Irish players. We’ve listed some of the best ones available on our site, so you can be sure that all of the ones we’ve listed have deposits and withdrawals in euros available.

  Some of the best games for Irish players are live blackjack and live roulette – these are the most widely available online, and they’re massively popular for a reason. However, if they’re not quite what you’re looking for, there are other options such as baccarat and live poker available too.

  Are Live Dealer Games Legal in Ireland?

  Online gambling is legal in Ireland, as long as the site is based outside of Ireland. Players in Ireland can freely enjoy their preferred live casino games, from baccarat to bingo, without worry, as long as the casino is not based in Ireland.

  New Zealand Live Dealer Casinos

  Similarly to Ireland and Canada, online casinos which are not based in New Zealand are able to welcome New Zealand customers, which is fantastic for players who want that live casino experience but who don’t want to travel for it!

  Many of the classic table games you’d find in a land-based casino are available in the live casino world– whether that’s roulette, baccarat, or poker, you’ll find all the same fun stuff you’d find in any other casino – except the comfort of your living room!

  Are Live Dealer Games Legal in New Zealand?

  Online gambling is legal for NZ players accessing sites from outside of New Zealand, and this includes live dealer games too. As long as the website can accept new customers from New Zealand, and their servers and website are based elsewhere, then there’s no issue!

  Norway Live Dealer Casinos

  Live dealer casinos that accept Norwegian players are some of the biggest brands available in the online casino world. With great gameplay and some of the best casino classics such as roulette and blackjack, players have plenty to pick from. Norwegian online casinos have some of the best live casino options from the biggest providers.

  Find the best Norwegian live casinos and have fun with one of the favourite games of local players. There are many tables to play with.

  Are Live Dealer Games Legal in Norway?

  Of course, live casinos are 100% legal in Norway and people can advantage of several live casinos games!

  India Live Dealer Casinos

  Live casinos are available in almost all of the online casinos you’ll find as an Indian player, with blackjack, roulette, and other favourites all available at the click of a button. Whether you want to play poker or even something novelty like casino monopoly live, checking the live Indian casinos will give you something fun.

  The popularity of Indian live casinos has been increasing?over time, reaching the highest levels in these last years.

  Are Live Dealer Games Legal in India?

  Indian live dealer casinos are on fire, and these games are legal in India. You can find so many Indian tables out there, with native live croupiers!

  South Africa Live Dealer Casinos

  Live casino games for South African players offer just the same fun that you’d expect from a casino in-person experience. Choose from any number of your casino favourites, and get the best live casino welcome bonus, for the best game experience.

  South African players are crazy for live casino tables and there are many dedicated casinos to this game.?

  Are Live Dealer Games Legal in South Africa?

  Yes, even if there are not so many native South African dealers. Usually, South African players, play with English speakers coming from other European countries!

  Malaysia Live Dealer Casinos

  For players in Malaysia, they can find a whole range of games to play, from video slots to live casino table games. Live games give a whole new spin on a classic game, with a real person dealing your game out for you – and that’s totally possible when accessing an online casino that accepts Malaysian players.

  We have found many tables with Malaysian live dealers, which are ready to welcome new players.

  Are Live Dealer Games Legal in Malaysia?

  No, Malaysian people cannot play with live dealer tables based in Malaysia. There are many tables accepting these players, but no one has to be based in Malaysia.

  UAE Live Dealer Casinos

  Players getting online from the UAE can access a wide range of online casinos, including those that offer live casinos. With games primarily in English, you can also play games from Evolution hosted in Arabic if you prefer. With plenty to pick from, the best casinos online for UAE players are worth checking!

  The legal situation of these casinos is a bit more complex. Let’s see it below.?

  Are Live Dealer Games Legal in UAE?

  You won’t find any table with live dealers from the UAE, but some experienced live dealers will be ready to assist you.

  Philippines Live Dealer Casinos

  Philippines players can access a huge number of games online, not the least being live casino games. With live dealers that are fun and talented, they recreate the thrilling experience of being in a live casino unlike anything else! Philippines online casinos have some of the best live dealer games on offer, as well as all the casino classics you know and love.

  The online casinos are full of live dealers coming from the Philippines, ready to welcome you with a huge smile and a ton of luck.

  Are Live Dealer Games Legal in the Philippines?

  Yes, live casinos in the Philippines are legal and you can find several nice croupiers

  coming from this country.

  Kenya Live Dealer Casinos

  When logging in from Kenya, players have a whole host of different casinos to pick from. Whether you’re a fan of roulette, baccarat, or poker, you’ll find something for everyone in online casinos. Live dealer casinos are no exception to this, with the same great offers available at casinos that accept players in Kenya when they want to play with that real casino feeling.

  Have you ever tried the Kenyan live dealer tables? If not, start today your new adventure with the best table games on the market.

  Are Live Dealer Games Legal in Kenya?

  Live casino is one of the hottest trends in Kenya, and it’s 100% legal to be played online.

  Sri Lanka Live Dealer Casinos

  Players in Sri Lanka will find some stellar gaming sites online – with online casinos offering only the best of the best when it comes to live casinos, they’ll be spoilt for choice. Tons of games options are available, from classic three-card poker to glitzy roulette. Simply pick your favourite Sri Lanka online casino and the live dealer will take you through the rest of the game.

  Like in the UAE, finding locale dealers coming from Sri Lanka is not easy. However, you can play with the best dealer all over the world.

  Are Live Dealer Games Legal in Sri Lanka?

  Live dealer casino games are legal in Sri Lanka and you can play these games if you live there!

  Nigeria Live Dealer Casinos

  Nigerian casino players can enjoy a great time at any online live dealer casino. With plenty of options for games, as well as high-quality sites tailored for the perfect customer experience, you’re guaranteed a good time. These live dealer games are some of the best ones on the market, with the best bonuses and gameplay from top providers guaranteed at Nigeria online casinos.

  The live casino in Nigeria is one of the growing trends in the market. best live blackjack online Experience a new whole game with these amazing croupiers!

  Are Live Dealer Games Legal in Nigeria?

  The industry of the live casino has grown a lot in the past years, and Nigeria has one of the fastest-growing industries when it comes to living casinos.


  Macao players can play at any number of casinos in their area, but what about if they want that amazing casino experience from the comfort of their own home? Macao online live casinos fill that gap, with plenty of options available giving you access to some of the best games around, like poker, roulette, best live blackjack online and blackjack too.

  We could say the live casino is born here, in Macao. Come and play with the most experienced live casino dealers in the world.

  Are Live Dealer Games Legal in Macao?

  Macao is a country where everything related to gambling is legal. That’s why, live casino, is 100% legit.

  best live blackjack online185-indonesia

  Players in Indonesia can find a great range of games to play, whether they want the classic casino experience or something wild and exciting, like lightning roulette. Online live casinos in Indonesia are a great option for players in Indonesia who want to have a premium casino experience from the comfort of their own homes.

  Finding casino dealers from this country is not easy, but there are some exceptions. The good news is Indonesian live casino players are accepted worldwide, and you can have fun with the best live casinos tables out there.

  Are Live Dealer Games Legal in Indonesia?

  Yes, live casinos are legal in Indonesia. Indonesian casinos have a full set of native tables where people can find Indonesian live dealers!

  Types of live casino games

  The more established online casinos tend to have a bigger selection of live casino games, more game variations and enough tables to cater for all players’ budgets. The following is a list of games created by both game providers, which go far beyond the traditional table games one would find at most online casinos:

  The ultimate table classic where the main aim of the game is to reach 21 or as close to 21 as possible. There are many variations of a live dealer blackjack, each with its own unique twists to maintain the level of excitement that live casino games bring.

  Some blackjack variants include Macau blackjack, live common draw blackjack and Vegas blackjack.

  Our ranking: 9/10;

  Beginners friendly: 8/10;

  Potential winnings: 5/10;

  Average score: 7/10.

  Live roulette is another table classic that always makes it to every online casino’s live casino lobby. Live dealer roulette is purely a game of chance where players place bets according to where they believe the roulette ball is going to land.

  Players have the option to bet on a particular number, odds and evens, red or black, as well as many other combination bets that make live roulette the thrilling game we all know and love. Other variations of live roulette include speed roulette, American roulette, European roulette and French roulette, as well as double ball roulette, to name a few.

  Our ranking: 10/10;

  Beginners friendly: 7/10;

  Potential winnings: 8/10;

  Average score: 8/10.

  Baccarat is one of the oldest table games and one which has been featured in countless movies. In live dealer baccarat, the dealer does all the work and the main aim of the game is to get as close to nine points as possible.

  Different variations of baccarat include baccarat squeeze, speed baccarat and no commission baccarat.

  Our ranking: 7/10;

  Beginners friendly: 4/10;

  Potential winnings: 7/10;

  Average score: 6/10.

  Dream Catcher is an entertaining live casino game that is simple but full of action. The Dream Catcher wheel has a series of numbers that players bet on in an attempt to guess where the ball is going to land. 1s and 2s are the most common and each denomination have a different payout. It’s simple, fun and has the potential to reward players with a pretty penny if the betting is done strategically.

  Our ranking: 7/10;

  Beginners friendly: 8/10;

  Potential winnings: 5/10;

  Average score: 6/10.

  Casino Hold’em live is a thrilling variation of popular Texas Hold’em and is played far quicker than the original game. In Casino Hold’em, after the first round of betting, two cards are dealt with the player, face-up and another two cards dealt with the dealer, which remains face down.

  The flop immediately follows and another round of betting occurs. In Casino Hold’em, the second and final bet has to be double the original bet and the dealer qualifies with a pair of 4s, or better, meaning a pair of 2s and 3s won’t matter.

  There is no more betting after the flop and the live dealer draws the turn and river cards. The dealer then proceeds to show the hand and the winner is determined, according to the standard hold’em hand classifications.

  Our ranking: 5/10;

  Beginners friendly: 5/10;

  Potential winnings: 6/10;

  Average score: 5/10.

  Fast-paced and full of action, this table classic can be found at most of?the largest online casinos with a decent selection of live casino games. After the first round of betting, the dealer deals five cards to the player and one to him/herself.

  Another round of betting occurs where the player will decide to either ‘call’ or ‘fold’. In Caribbean Stud Poker, the dealer qualifies for the hand with a ‘king or an ‘ace’.

  Our ranking: 5/10;

  Beginners friendly: 6/10;

  Potential winnings: 6/10;

  Average score: 6/10.

  Football Studio is a fairly recent addition to Evolution Gaming’s portfolio of live casino games and if you love games of chance, football studio is the game to play.

  The player has to choose whether to bet on ‘home’ or ‘away’ and whichever of the two has the highest card wins the round. Wins pay 1:1 but players also have the option to bet on the draw, which pays 11:1.

  Our ranking: 7/10;

  Beginners friendly: 9/10;

  Potential winnings: 4/10;

  Average score: 6/10.

  One of the new exciting games you can play live is?Monopoly Live. This game mix up the gambling excitement with one of the most famous board games. The game is based on a fortune wheel, and players can win fantastic prizes. This game has won many prizes.. find out the reason. Of course, this game is live, so no random number generator is involved, unlike electronic games.

  Our ranking: 9/10;

  Beginners friendly: 9/10;

  Potential winnings: 2/10;

  Average score: 7/10.

  Live casino jackpots provide great value to players who enjoy live casino games. Evolution Gaming has created the live casino jackpots concept where players have the potential to win uncapped jackpot prizes worth over?£/$/1.000.000 through optional side bets.

  Live casino jackpots work exactly the same way as?progressive slot jackpots?do and the best news is that?players can still win the progressive jackpot even if the player folds or is beaten by the dealer’s hand in the main game. The side betting option gives players the potential to cash in on smaller jackpots too.

  This jackpot initially starts at?£/$/1.000.000?and is by far the biggest?live casino jackpot?hosted by?Evolution Gaming. The Casino Hold’em Jumbo 7 Jackpot has completely uncapped winnings and the jackpot prize can easily go beyond the one million marks.

  The jackpot is triggered when a player hits a 7-card straight flush. There are other fixed jackpots multipliers that players can benefit from with a range of hands but the next biggest payout is a 6-card straight flush with odds of?5000:1.

  Our ranking: 7/10;

  Beginners friendly: 6/10;

  Potential winnings: 8/10;

  Average score: 7/10.

  The jackpot prize in the Caribbean Stud Poker is uncapped and will keep growing until a player hits a royal flush. Fixed jackpot prizes exist in Caribbean Stud Poker and will be rewarded to players that make a number of hands, including three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind and even a straight flush, which pays at?2500:1. The jackpot prize in Caribbean Stud Poker starts at?£/$/50.000.

  The 5+1 bonus bet is a side bet where players make use of the dealers’ up card in combination with their five cards dealt with them. The 5+1 Bonus bet pays on three of a kind or better, regardless of what hand the dealer makes.

  Our ranking: 5/10;

  Beginners friendly: 4/10;

  Potential winnings: 5/10;

  Average score: 5/10.

  The jackpot in live Hold’em starts at a minimum of £/$/50.000 and can grow into the millions, as is the case with the jackpots above. The progressive jackpot is uncapped and will keep growing until a player hits a royal flush.

  Live casino Texas Hold’em gives players the potential to cash in on fixed jackpots when players make a range of hands, including three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind and a straight flush, which pays at?2500:1. Live casino Hold’em has two optional side bets which can still trigger the fixed jackpot prizes, regardless of what hand the dealer makes.

  Our ranking: 4/10;

  Beginners friendly: 4/10;

  Potential winnings: 5/10;

  Average score: 4/10.

  There are plenty of tips and tricks that prove useful when you want to get your game on at a live casino. Keep a few of these in mind when you connect, so you can get the most out of your games:

  Pick a reputable live casino:?These will be run professionally and fairly, just like a real-life casino. Check the license or trust our list of reviewed live casinos to make sure you play the best;

  Consider practising before you play: Live casinos are for real money – to make sure you can play your best game, it’s worth playing a non-live version for free first if you’re just starting out;

  Keep track of your bankroll: This is a normal part of online gambling, but with the thrill of a live casino it’s easy to get caught up in the fun! Only gamble what you are comfortable losing;

  Make sure your browser is up to date:?Live casino software depends on your computer or mobile device having all of your latest updates and security patches in place;

  Use live casino etiquette: Pleasant conversation and even a joke can go a long way, but poor behaviour sometimes gets players removed from a game or banned. Respect the live croupiers;Test out the casino: Check out some important stuff, such as the customer support, the min deposit and if they have professional dealers working for them;

  A good internet connection:?You will need a stable internet connection to play live casino as you will be receiving video as well as sending your gameplay through. Any delays might mean you miss a hand.

  It’s always wise to do a little extra research into what a live casino can offer you. Take a look at the most frequently asked questions about live casinos below.


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