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  The Power Blackjack Strategy is not like any system ever released before. “Power Blackjack” has been extensively tested in both land-based and Internet casinos by ordinary people. And it works extremely well. One of my associates put it best when he said, “Power Blackjack leaves every card counting system in the dust. It wins consistently with a low bankroll. And it is fun to play. All you have to do is follow the rules and you will win!”

  Here are just a few of the lessons we will go through together to get you on the road to making a fortune at blackjack:

  * A simple way to pick tables where you are most likely to win.

  * Special “Power Moves” that will increase your winning rate by 88%!

  * The six critical rules you must know to find the best tables. This information alone can double your winnings rate.

  * The exact steps you will use to hit and lock up daily profits! You will learn to use this information to win with deadly consistency.

  * How to completely avoid casino heat even when winning hundreds of dollars an hour!

  * How you can double your bankroll every 6 1/2 hours and how to move up quickly to betting power blackjack with $100 chips!

  * The simple steps you need to know to pick out “beatable” online casinos!

  * A complete run down on web casinos offering player favorable rules!

  * In just 10 minutes you will learn the “down and dirty strategy” that will put you ahead of 99% of the other players!

  * The absolute most critical skill you need for success at blackjack (and no, it has nothing to do with having a good memory)!

  * How to take a tiny investment of $50 and make it explode into thousands of dollars in winnings!