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  JWimms2019年5月30日 在美国提交的评论5.0(最高 5 星)Don’t watch 21, Rainman, or The Hangover – watch this已验证购买My God, for the entire 121 minutes I felt like i was on coke. Director Chris Buddy took me on a year-long ride through the life of a bonafide blackjack inside the edge a professional blackjack adventure player, tracking wins, losses and even explaining how the whole thing works. There’s enough math explanation to keep you up to speed without overdoing it, and enough narrative that it really feels like a story. If you’ve ever played in a casino even once – you’ll get your money’s worth out of this film.

  I feel like I could fly to Vegas tomorrow and bankrupt the MGM Grand if I had enough disguises.20 个人认为这个有用Wes K2019年7月2日 在美国提交的评论5.0(最高 5 星)Great movie已验证购买Not only does the novice viewer get a taste of what a true Advantage Player (AP) life is like, you learn that it is not always glamorous. Dealing with backoffs (86s), trying to transport money, dealing with crooked police that are on the casino’s side and occasionally the gaming control board officer that is on the player’s side, traveling, getting backed off before setting foot in a casino due to inside the edge a professional blackjack adventure SIN Flyers and other Griffin Book type lists, it’s all there in plain sight. Spoiler Alert: it’s not for everyone, and might I add: it’s not for the majority of people. It’s a great yet harrowing adventure and it’s worth the rental/purchase fee. Let it open your eyes to the good, bad, and ugly of advantage play.9 个人认为这个有用inside the edge a professional blackjack adventureellison2020年9月20日 在美国提交的评论4.0(最高 5 星)Card Counter已验证购买After a card counter is run out of Las Vegas he aspires to outrun the notification network by driving an RV cross-country to possible out of the way casinos in an effort to rack up a haul. A chart periodically show his wins and losses as well as him getting kicked out of casinos. Disguise use, refuses to show identification, some history, and interviews. Occasional insight. A swear word early on. It appears dogs are his only friends, his dad, himself a former gambler, joins him.

  Also see ‘Holy Rollers’ and ’21’.2 个人认为这个有用Dude2019年6月5日 在美国提交的评论5.0(最高 5 星)Double Down on this!已验证购买I’m no way AP but have had some good days so I can appreciate this, looks like you had a fun time.. especially getting your Pups caught up and to have your Dad there, too.. Awesome trip. Best line ever from your Dad “You should go in there and punish them”… You: “Ok”. LOL. Glad I caught this.. keeping it rolling dude and good luck with the Career change! ;)4 个人认为这个有用Scott Downing2019年7月9日 在美国提交的评论5.0(最高 5 星)Great inside look at blackjack advantage play已验证购买The movie exceeded my expectations. It was a complete documentary on the life of a solo advantage player. He must have been backed off and 86’ed quite a few times because the ones that made the film seemed extreme. It gives me pause when playing at a tribal casino.

  I found it fascinating that card counting isn’t the only way to gain advantage in a casino. Hole carding and shuffle tracking are a real thing. I never would have thought of either.

  Overall, great movie!6 个人认为这个有用pattk772020年2月8日 在美国提交的评论5.0(最高 5 星)Excellent已验证购买Thoroughly enjoyable. I didn’t know guys like this still existed. Cool that he went on the road trip and waxed the floor on all these casinos, I thought it would just be a talking heads doc. Nice to see somebody taking their money for a change. I really got pissed when these places didn’t want to pay or kept kicking him out. You have to pretty much be a mathematics wiz to do what he does with the card counts and percenteges to bet. Real down to earth dude though, fun doc from start to finish. Check it out.Drew Martin2019年10月1日 在美国提交的评论5.0(最高 5 星)Outstanding gambling documentary, best I’ve seen.已验证购买I’ve been a gambler for over 30 years and have studied blackjack, poker, and craps thoroughly. I’ve also watched about every movie and documentary and read dozens of books on gambling (especially blackjack, craps, and poker) and this is the most realistic portrayal of the life of a professional gambler I’ve ever seen. The hidden camera footage of KC’s treatment by casino bosses is often chilling, especially the threats coming from the Indian casino boss.

  I highly recommend this show for novice and seasoned gamblers alike.2 个人认为这个有用Nardo2020年11月17日 在美国提交的评论4.0(最高 5 星)NOT another card counting goofball in a wig.已验证购买First 10 minutes starts out like every documentary on gambling, then it becomes worthwhile. Blackjack can be a short term (less than a pro sports player) profession. Casinos come down hard on the very few players who can win.

  The question becomes, if you are that good at a heavy, grinding workload, adapting every day, maintaining your emotions and composure, why not choose another profession, like surgeon? The answer is people enjoy the notion of “beating” the casino.查看所有评论Link ArrowLink Arrow


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