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  June 09, 2021 12:16PM

  June 09, 2021

  Contrary to popular opinion, strip blackjack does not involve removing clothing as the game proceeds. It’s named after the famous Las Vegas Strip and is probably the most popular variant of the game of blackjack. You do need to pay attention when you’re playing as there are some very subtle, yet important rule differences from other blackjack variations. We suggest that you play online for free in order to get used to both the rules and the gameplay. When you’re 100% sure, then play for real.

  Strip blackjackStrip blackjack

  Sorry to say, but strip blackjack is not about removing items of your clothing when you get a bad card. It is actually named after the Las Vegas Strip and is now probably the most popular version of the casino table game of blackjack. Let’s have a look at this game and see what differences and similarities are to its American blackjack cousin.?

  Before you sit down at the online casino to play strip blackjack it’s important you understand the key rules and the key rule differences between other forms of blackjack. Obviously, you already know that your purpose is to defeat the dealer and that you’ll need to get a score as close to 21 as possible, but without going over. Here are the basics:

  The dealer has 4 decks of cards

  He will stand on a 17 and double down an initial hand after splitting

  The dealer will check for card number 21

  He splits 4 hands each game

  The player can only split aces and only once

  The player can split up to 10 cards even if they are all different

  If the player splits up after 21 then it doesn’t count as a blackjack

  It’s easy to become confused between American blackjack and strip blackjack, particularly if you’re a novice or amateur player. That’s why we emphasize that you read and understand the rules. In American blackjack, it’s the dealer who will basically pick 10 cards with face and Ace. In a game of strip blackjack, they don’t worry about the other cards as long as they receive the Ace.

  Strip blackjackStrip blackjack

  Strip blackjack or as it’s also known as, “Vegas Strip Blackjack,” is very similar to other forms of blackjack games you might find at an online mobile casino. Remember that the dealer in strip blackjack will work clockwise around the table and that he deals two cards to the players, along with himself. This is the exact point where you have a chance of beating him, by scoring as close to his 21 cards, but not going over or bust.

  There is another way to win the jackpot online which works by having a bigger run with your total cards nearer the dealer’ total, but you still need to be lower than 21. Try your luck at Tangiers Casino, as they have not only a massive selection of casino table games but also great live-dealer blackjack. When you’re playing strip blackjack there really four options available that you can make, including split, stand, hit, and double down. Let’s have a closer look and see what each of these mean in real terms:

  You can only split when it’s your turn and you have been dealt two different cards but with the same value. This allows you to play both of the cards, but in different hands. All the pairs of cards in strip blackjack can be split up into four hands, but you can’t do it with the aces, as they can be split only once. Now, if you hit 21, and also split the aces at the same time, be aware that, unfortunately, you will not receive a blackjack.

  When it’s your turn then you are in effect hitting. This allows you to add a card to your total. but remember, you don’t want to go over 21. So be confident when you want to say no to more cards (stand).

  Strip blackjackStrip blackjack

  This occurs when it’s your turn and you decide not to add any more cards to your hand. If you think the total is going to exceed 2,1 and therefore you would be out of the game, then it’s wise to stand. Hopefully, you will be as close to 21 as possible.

  This allows you to double your initial bet in exchange for receiving a single card. On the whole, you can double down after you have been dealt your first two cards and these cards can be anything. We suggest you study some strategy, as when you are drawing another card, you’ll be able to understand the gameplay odds when it comes to doubling down.

  The idea of surrender is that players can remain in the game for longer. Blackjack surrender can save you from having a losing hand, providing you immediately choose this action. When performed in the correct manner, you’ll receive back half of your initial bet. Having said that, surrender is a rule that is not found in strip blackjack. If you see that you’re losing a hand in this version of the game, then you just have to suck it up.?

  Strip blackjackStrip blackjack

  After each hand is dealt, the 4 decks can be reshuffled. Having said that, these are not fixed rules and you’ll find that they vary considerably from casino to casino and from tournament to tournament. We suggest that you thoroughly check out the rules before you sit down at the casino games table and start to play strip blackjack.

  If you’re looking for the best casino site to play, then there are a few things you must keep in mind before you open an account and start to play.

  Whenever you enter a new online casino, they will offer you all sorts of bonuses and incentives. But, as you already know, casinos are not in the habit of giving out anything for free. You will have to play through their wagering requirements which can vary considerably before you are allowed to actually play through the bonus. We suggest that you check the bonus terms and conditions on the website before accepting any of these offers.

  When you’re playing online you want to have a totally immersive experience that requires excellent graphics and sound. Anything less is going to pull you out of the gameplay as you become more concerned about the technicalities of the website than the technicalities of the gameplay. If you’re playing on your mobile phone then the software should be totally responsive. Today many jackpot games will play directly in your browser using a form of Flash called HTML5. This means there’s no need to head over to any of the app stores and download any other software. To that end, playing within your browser is going to be much more secure, especially if you’re concerned about online safety.?

  Strip blackjackStrip blackjack

  Another thing we should point out is that many online casinos will offer you the possibility of free play. Essentially this allows you to play at the casino without spending a single penny of your own money. It’s a great way of practising and could help increase your jackpot winning chances. Because the casino wants you to play at their games tables in the hope that you are having such an enjoyable experience that you will then open an account with them, they are happy to provide new players with a virtual currency with which they can enjoy themselves.

  Do keep in mind though, that any prizes you win whilst playing free play will not be redeemable and you cannot take them home. having said that, you should still give free play a try. head over to our favourite casino, Tangiers Casino. They have all the different blackjack variations, along with live-dealer gamers and also offer a bonkers 750% up to 7500 welcome bonus.

  Go to any online casino website and you’ll be faced with literally hundreds of different variations of the traditional casino game of blackjack. Not only that, but there are also dozens of live dealer games whereby you are face to face with a real person, and in truth, it’s probably the closest experience to being in a real brick and mortar casino you’ll ever get. The most common types of blackjack you are able to enjoy are:

  European Blackjack

  Blackjack Switch

  Blackjack Perfect Pairs

  We suggest you find a casino with a live dealer blackjack game. Make yourself comfortable on your sofa. Then sign in and start to play for free. This will allow you to both understand the rules and educate yourself about blackjack basic strategy. Once you’re feeling confident about your strip blackjacknewfound abilities, then it’s time to add some cash to your online casino account and play and win for real. Good Luck!

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