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  Which blackjack variant lets you double on any two cards?

  You can see for yourself with our live blackjack comparison table?–?but most of them do. Try Lucky Streak live blackjack for a refreshing experience and great HD stream quality!

  Their games are not available in UK though, so for British players Evolution Gaming will probably be the best choice.


  What does “bet behind” mean?

  When a blackjack table is full, some live blackjack tables will offer you a chance to play together with one of the players occupying the seat. You get to be in the action, but he makes all the decisions.

  You do however have an option to pre-select whether you want to split and double together with that player.

  Given how many tables are offered by Evolution Gaming,we don’t see why betting behind should really be something that you need to do often.


  What’s the minimum bet in live blackjack?

  That entirely depends on the casino of your choice. You can view the lowest betting minimums by clicking here (page jump). In our experience, we found minimum bets as low as $0.50 on offer and we have yet to see lower limits than that.


  Who is Sodapoppin? Was he playing live blackjack for real money during his streak?

  Sodapoppin is a popular Youtube?figure (or Youtuber) with 700k+ subscribers. He makes vlogs and streams himself playing games like World of Warcraft. In 2014 he started playing live blackjack online and streaming it to his fans.

  During one stream he lost $5000 on one hand – watched live by 40,000 people. Was it real money? You can never be 100% sure, but his emotions seemed pretty genuine to us.

  Of course the casino he was playing at probably turned the whole thing into a pretty good marketing play too!


  Do the dealers know the next card coming? Sometimes it really seems that way…

  No. The casino already has a built in mathematical advantage, so it does not make any sense for them to cheat. It’s bad for the business.

  You can learn more about house edge, and what it is in different games, on our live dealer games page.


  I see some players betting over the table maximum, how is this possible?

  They are either betting in a different currency or the casino they play has a higher limit than you are used to.

  Usually it’s the first reason, as at many casinos players can also play in currencies like Swedish and Norwegian krona and Russian Rubles – all of which live casino blackjack tend come in higher denominations.


  Which casino offers the best streaming quality for blackjack?

  In general, stream quality depends on the software provider rather than the casino.

  Best quality streams are offered by Evolution Gaming, but Vivo Gaming and Lucky Streak both have


  Can I use my iPad or iPhone to play live dealer blackjack? How does it work exactly? Is real money play available too?

  Of course! Evolution Gaming is our favourite provider for mobile live casino play, but others like Lucky Streak and Vivo Gaming are solid too.

  You can play at tables from all of the aforementioned by joining Unique Casino.



live casino blackjack

  Do any casinos offer high-roller tables? I’m talking about betting 5k per hand or more?

  Yes. Unique Casino has Salon Privé tables from Evolution Gaming that offer a chance to bet up to $10k per hand and play on all 7 boxes!

  This means you can wager $70k per round without accounting for any possible double & split hands.

  At the Salon Privé tables you’ll also be the only one playing and can request some things that would never be allowed at regular tables, such as face down cards on doubles.


  Hi! Any live blackjack sites offering a variation where there are early live casino blackjack payouts? Thanks!

  Yes, Visionary iGaming is one such provider and their games are offered at MYB Casino.

  Even though their games are not the best from a UX point of view, their live blackjack seems to be the only product on the market with early payouts.


  Do any casinos offer Blackjack Switch in the live dealer variation?

  No, this is currently only available online in the animated RNG version, and can be played at all PlayTech powered live casinos.

  Though you should definitely keep in mind that house edge on Blackjack Switch is higher than that of regular game variations, which includes tables from pretty much all live dealer providers.


  How do bonuses work for live blackjack? Are there any profitable 1st deposit offers?

  Most of the time live dealer games are excluded from qualified games that can help you to fulfill the wagering requirements.

  Though sites that focus on live casino players do have some bonuses where live blackjack contributes between 5 and 20% towards these requirements.

  These aren’t too common in Australia though, but for an updated list of bonuses check out our live casino bonus section.


  What’s Blackjack Party? I have seen it in the lobby at several casinos…

  The name is a pretty good description of what the table feels like. The dealers are extra friendly and have a little banter, joking around with the players. It’s much more relaxed and less serious than any of their other tables.

  The “party” in the name comes from how dealers are trained to act. There are always two dealers at this table, usually male and female and they have a very laid back attitude.

  Blackjack Party can be played at any Evolution powered casino – BitStarz, mBit Casino or Unique Casino are all solid options.


  I’m looking for game variations with Surrender option. Any live casino software providers offering this?

  Yes. Ezugi have live blackjack with an early surrender (meaning dealer does not peak for blackjack on tens).

  Visionary iGaming offer live blackjack with late surrender where dealer first peaks for blackjack and only then you are allowed to surrender.

  Unique Casino is a good site to enjoy live blackjack with surrender option at.


  Do You stream live blackjack on Twitch? If not, any streamers You can recommend that do this?

  We do not yet stream on Twitch no, but this could be something we’d consider doing in near future!? We do have a Youtube channel though, where videos of actual gameplay at our reviewed casinos are posted.

  We like to watch Jarttu84 the most, out of all streamers. He’s genuine and a funny guy, who plays for some incredibly high stakes. He mainly streams himself playing PUBG as well as casino slots, but once in a while goes for live roulette and blackjack.


  I’ve heard that the games with live dealers are rigged. Is this true? Why did the rumour start?

  There are several videos on Youtube with very weird ball bounces on the roulette wheel that started the conspiracy theory.

  In reality, the casinos make guaranteed money due to the built in house edge so any cheating is very unlikely.

  More so the companies involved in this accusation were industry giants like Evolution Gaming and NetEnt, both of whom are public companies and audited by independent bodies such as eCOGRA.

  If you choose with very small providers not reviewed on our site however, there may be a higher chance of unscrupulous behaviour.


  Is it possible to play live blackjack for Bitcoin? Are there actual licensed live dealer casinos offering this?

  There are several dozen casinos offering live dealer games that are playable with BTC. These are, for the most part, very legitimate software providers offering their tables and it is the casinos that take on converting the money into FIAT and back.

  Evolution Gaming games can be played at mBit Casino and Cloudbet with the latter also offering Vivo Gaming, Ezugi and Asia Gaming tables.


  Can you count cards at live online casinos?

  Theoretically you can, yes. If you manage to find a live casino that offers blackjack with a single deck or without any re-shuffling, then you will be able to use a system like high-low.

  Truth is, training to do this at live casinos is quite the perfect solution to get very good. There’s no stress and you can use a pen and a paper until you are good enough to do all the counting in your head.


  Which live blackjack is the absolute best one?

  In our opinion nothing comes close to Evolution Gaming’s portfolio of live blackjack tables. They have multiple tiers of these including Silver, Platinum and Diamond. These have a unique feel to them and are meant to segregate players based on their betting amount. Worthwhile mentions for Australian players are also Lucky Streak and Vivo Gaming.

  The above is true when it comes to playing experience, visuals, audio and dealer interaction. However, mathematically – Evolution Gaming blackjack is not actually the best choice.

  When played with perfect strategy the house edge on Evolution’s tables is 0.61% –?while NetEnt has a 0.50% variation.

  Extreme Live Gaming has one of the highest house edges together with VIG, at?0.73% and 0.78% respectively. You can learn more about, or?compare, house edges and drawing rules with our blackjack comparison table.


  Are there any free live blackjack tables?

  Yes, Vivo Gaming offer free live blackjack, roulette and baccarat after recreating their platform.

  We noticed this was available at Drake Casino, even without registering an account!


  Do online casinos offer comps for blackjack players, similarly to the ones in Las Vegas? Which casino has the best deals then?

  Live online casinos offer various forms of comps – promotions, sign up bonuses and reload bonuses.

  We cover this in detail on dedicated sections. You’ll also find the expected value calculations for sign up bonuses along with terms & conditions on these.


  Is It True That Blackjack Is Beatable And That a Team Of MIT Students Won Millions Playing The Game?

  In theory Blackjack is beatable yes, but not so much in practice – especially online. This is mainly because live casino providers have shoe re-shuffling rules whenever about 40 to 50% (depending on the provider) of the shoe has been played out.

  MIT students did in fact take Las Vegas for millions of dollars. You can learn more about the story on the Wikipedia page or by buying this book from Amazon..


  I would like to play on my mobile device. Which live blackjack apps are the best?

  Most of the live dealer sites we recommend are going to be solid performers on mobile devices.

  Our preferred one would have to be Unique Casino that offers Vivo Gaming, Evolution Gaming and Lucky Streak tables all under one account.


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