Blackjack Demo: Multihand Blackjack จากการเล่นในทางปฏิบัติ | สาธิตฟรีเคล็ดลับและรีวิว

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  This game uses a total of eight standard decks of cards. It follows the standard rules, including that the dealer stands on all 17s, you can split hands only once, and after splitting, you can double down, and there’s no surrendering. blackjack demo The main payouts are as follows:

  A win pays 1:1

  The insurance bet pays 2:1

  Blackjack bet pays 3:2

  Your objective is to get closer than the dealer to 21 without going over 21 yourself. The gaming table has three card spaces, each of which is dealt two cards. You can choose to bet on just one, two or all three of these three hands. There’s a fourth space at the top, which is where the dealer’s cards are dealt. For each hand, you can choose to keep it as it is or add additional cards to it, though if you do this, you risk going over 21.

  When playing Multihand Blackjack at casinos online, the way to win is simple: you have to beat the dealer to 21 without going over 21 yourself. This blackjack demo game lets you play up to three player hands at once against the one dealer hand. The more hands you bet on, the more chances of winning you have; however, betting on more hands costs more and is, therefore, more of a risk.

  If you’re familiar with how this game works, you shouldn’t find this particular version too hard to get to grips with. Play Multihand Blackjack for free at your favourite Pragmatic Play casino blackjack demo to get some practice in. Then, once you’re confident with how it works, play Multihand Blackjack for real money and decide whether you want to bet on one, two or three hands.

  If you fancy playing with several hands at once, try out Pragmatic Play’s Multihand Blackjack. It looks great, sticks to the classic game rules and gives you extra chances of winning. It’s fully compatible with an array of phones and tablets, so check out the Multihand Blackjack mobile version if you want to play while out and about.


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